~RAISE YOUR VIBRATION AS THE WORLD IS AWAKENING!~ the “new realities” have always been here so how is it for you? Are you depressed, anxious and sick of it? Are you experiencing “ascension symptoms” and want support, clarity or guidance around this? Having panic attacks? Chronic anxiety? Sudden loss or change? Are you looking for answers to truely heal your life and be free away from the mainstream programming and matrix? Do you want to feel calm, connected, and in your power and purpose everyday? ARE YOU READY TO SHIFT COURAGEOUSLY? Then come on! Let’s do it! It’s going to be awesome fun we promise! ;)

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Are you aware something is not quite right with the world? Do you long to re-connect with the earth and yearn for a calm and peaceful way of life away from the craziness that our modern mainstream world promotes? If so we are going to get along… enter your details below so we can start to connect with you further and give you the top 10 things we know to do to support you to start feeling more powerful, connected and calm – these are easy simply daily life tips you can do and action as soon as you finish watching and we will also send email reminders to keep your focus…

“When you die you do not take your cars or money or business with you. You take your life’s energy – you take the metaphysical reality of what you truly are. So if you want true progress put your focus into cultivating this life force, into the achievement of the spirit.” emma terracini

You came here to this planet to contribute something very unique and powerful so stop playing second best for yourself and allowing your-self to be disempowered by taking action today:



A little about us…

Emma is a former depression and anxiety experiencer who at one stage went from achieving a UAI of 99.85 in the top 100 school leavers in her state in Australia about to start medical school to being a highly medicated out-patient on the dole – at one stage she even found herself on the streets…

Emma went through an intense transformation in her early twenties and after spending a lot of time and money on ineffective solutions to cure depression and anxiety such as medication and therapies that did not work she decided to fire her psychiatrist and look for a better way and she found it! Going on an amazing journey of self-discovery emma travelled the world and trained and studied with some of the planets top metaphysicians, spiritual teachers and healers and she now brings this knowledge and healing to others.

Check out what people who have worked with us say…

Thanks for making this website & sharing your story, tips & videos, I have sufferd with depression & anxiety for years at times i fell ive got it under control & am looking up then it comes crashing back down & feel that medication is no life for me as theres gotta be a more natural solution. I can’t wait to start putting these actions in to practice & see myself finally overcome this burden thats become part of my life that i no longer want with me. thanks again:)

Chris, Gold Coast Australia.

‘I want to say that I’m really inspired by what you’re doing and how you turned your life around, and I hope I am on the way to doing the same. I clicked on your website in the hopes of finding a more natural, “real” way to look at treating depression. Thanks for your support and kindness ’

Emilee, Australia

‘I spent most of my 20′s bouncing around therapists, rehabs, and medication. Nothing felt right, it was all so superficial. The most wonderful thing about your program is that it is real. I love it! You truly embody what you teach and I think that is the most powerful thing of all. I have come across so many people who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk and it’s very disheartening. I just wanted to extend my gratitude xo’

Kate, Northern Beaches Sydney

‘I have never felt this light in my life and I am still in an amazing light energy since last Thursday. You have really raise raised my vibe! The frequency shift has been massive. I don’t know what happened that afternoon – it was huge – I felt like I went into another dimension, I am going to refer this to everyone I know – you are a force to be reckoned with’

Stephen, Northern Beaches Sydney Australia

‘Thanks for your guidance this Spring – its been very beneficial.With various transitions and stresses, I was holding on too tightly in my body and mind to a couple of challenges. My sessions with Emma helped me release my tight hold and open my heart and mind to accept and work through issues. Thank you so much for your kindness and support.’

Expatriot living in Sydney Australia.

‘Your suggestions are brilliant and very much appreciated! Thank you so much for helping with my journey thus far and I look forward to continuing with your good advice!’

Cathy, Tasmania Australia

‘Thank you Emma, I have been so inspired by you and it has helped me to not go down the road of complete despair. I would absolutely pass your caring website and resources onto anyone who needs TLC. Thanks again.’

Jenny, Sydney Australia.

‘Emma’s knowledge of the worlds without and within never ceases to amaze me. I come from a long history of anxiety and depression, both of which torment me still from time to time.

Depression comes along, trying to pull me back into the unhealthy relationship I often have with the past, and anxiety is often desperate for me to start an exhausting relationship with the never ending possibilities of the future.

Emma has the rare ability of reintroducing me to my relationship with the present, almost immediately alleviating my oftencrippling mental/physical symptoms, giving me clarity, what I consider for me the most important thing to have in life.’

Alexandra, Sydney Australia

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